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After years of volunteering at various shelters and adoption events we saw a shortage of volunteers

and fundraising capabilities from the rescue groups. So we decided to put our skills and experience

in the art, apparel, and business world to good use by creating a line of dog themed merchandise to

provide to rescue groups for their fundraising efforts.


All of our designs are hand-drawn and then transferred onto high quality materials.  Proceeds from

all sales are donated to various dog rescue groups around the country.

Lill'y Pad PNG [Sad, with hand].png

But our campaign doesn't stop at our fundraising efforts.  We also started Lilly's Pad Foundation to provide a safe and loving foster home for dogs who are in the process of transitioning to their forever home.

Lilly's Pad was inspired by our beloved pug, Lilly, who left a profound imprint on our lives.  Her love inspired us to help dogs who are in need of a loving family and home.  Lilly's Pad is where love lives on.  

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